Rosslyn Elliott
About (Biography)

As the child of a career military man, I lived in four states and two foreign countries before I graduated from high school. I attended nine schools during that time. My frequent relocation into new social scenes encouraged me to become a close observer of other people, for my own survival. :-)

With the help of some excellent teachers, I bootstrapped my way into Yale University, where I earned my BA in English and Theater Studies. Swearing never to return to school, I spent five years working first in corporate New York City, then as a schoolteacher. School started to look pretty good again. I entered the Ph.D. program in English at Emory University and finished my dissertation in 2006.

My study of American literature spurred me to pursue my lifelong dream of writing fiction.

I've always loved history, and because of my dissertation research, it was natural for me to start by setting my novels in nineteenth-century America.
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